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Journal of Space Law: Current Issue

The current issue of the Journal of Space Law is a special issue commemorating the extraordinary life and scholarship of Professor Bin Cheng.  Curated by guest editor Sai’id Mosteshar, the issue features some of the most notable names in space law and space policy.  It is available for purchase at the University of Mississippi Marketplace.  Please email if you need additional assistance.


Volume 44.2 – 2020

Kumar Abhijeet – State Practices Regarding International Responsibility for National Activities in Outer Space

Setsuko Aoki – Nationality for Spacecraft? Revisited: Nationality to be Found
Steven Freeland & Yun Zhao – Rules of the “Space Road:” How Soft Law Principles Interact with Customary International Law for the Regulation of Space Activities
Anatoly Kapustin – Prospects for the Demilitarization of Outer Space: From “Soft Regulation” to “Hard” Treaty Mechanisms?
Ranjana Kaul – Recent Space Reforms in India: Perspectives on Policy and Law
Paul B. Larsen – Space Traffic Management – The Bin Cheng Model
Peter Martinez – The Role of Soft Law in Promoting the Sustainability and Security of Space Activities
Fabio Tronchetti – The Privatization of Chinese Space Activities: A Legal and Regulatory Perspective

Sa’id Mosteshar – Artemis: The Discordant Accords

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Jack Wright Nelson – Safety Zones: A Near Term Legal Issue on the Moon