Journal of Space Law: Current Issue | Air and Space Law | Ole Miss
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Journal of Space Law: Current Issue

The current issue of the Journal of Space Law features some of the most notable names in space law and space policy.  It is available for purchase at the University of Mississippi Marketplace.  Please email if you need additional assistance.


Volume 45.1 – 2021

Lucas Lixinski, MM Losier and Hannah Schreiber – Envisioning a Legal Framework for Outer Space Cultural Heritage

Setsuko Aoki – Nationality for Spacecraft? Revisited: Nationality to be Found
Jie Long and Wu Xie – The Concept of Long-Term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities as an Emerging Source of International Law
Rob Amos – Exploiting the Final Frontier – Some Initial Thoughts on Regulating Humanity’s Relationships with Non-Terrestrial Life Forms
Marco Borghi – Towards Full and Open Access: Challenges and Opportunities for the Legal Interoperability of Earth Observation Data
Elina Morozova and Alena Laurenava – To the Moon and Back: On the Way to a Well-Balanced Liability Framework for Lunar and Cislunar Activities
Charles Ellzey – Request and Return: A Look at the Retrieval of United States Commercial Space Launch Objects that Return to Earth