Journal of Space Law: Current Issue | Air and Space Law | Ole Miss
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Journal of Space Law: Current Issue

The current issue of the Journal of Space Law features some of the most notable names in space law and space policy.  It is available for purchase at the University of Mississippi Marketplace.  Please email if you need additional assistance.


Volume 46.2 – 2022




Providing Clarity for Fault-Based Liability in International Space
Law: A Practical Approach Through Principles of General
International Law – Major Tyler J. Sena


The Perils of Plurality: Revisiting the Making of the International
Law of the Moon – S.G. Sreejith


The Artemis Plan: A Paradigm Shift in International Law?
– Rossana Deplano


The Odyssey of European Space Policy – Maria Castillo


Lunar Missions by Newer Space Actors in the Next Five Years: An
Evaluation of Legal Issues – Upasana Dasgupta


Tracking the Evolution of Customary Rules in International Space
Law – Berfin Bediz Yildiz Keskin


Commercial Space Companies: Lawmakers of 21st Century New
Space – Hongxi Wang