Journal of Space Law: Vol. 39: No. 2 | Air and Space Law | Ole Miss
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Journal of Space Law: Vol. 39: No. 2

This issue of the Journal of Space Law is available for purchase.  Please email for more information.




Volume 39 – Spring/Summer 2014 – Number 2

Call for Papers
Robert A. Bettinger, Jonathan T. Black – Aeroassisted Maneuvers: Potential Air And Space Law Challenges
Barry Kellman – Asteroid Legal Regime: Time for a Change?
Louis Francis Rosa – Apples and Oranges: Why Aircraft Protocols Don’t Work in Space
Jeremy Straub, Joseph J. Vacek – Reforming Regulation of Basic and Small Business Research and Education in Space Technologies under ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and EAR (Export Administration Regulations)
Isavella Maria Vasilogeorgi – Military Uses of Outer Space: Legal Limitations, Contemporary Perspectives
Student Note
George T. Lyons III – New Habits and Hard Law: Putting Old Soft Law “Sanctions” and the Space Debris Epidemic out to Pasture
P.J. Blount – Aviation and Space Law: Relevant Publications