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In 2007, the Center recognized the need to create an archive to care for the personal correspondence, manuscripts, and professional papers of individuals who dedicated their lives and careers to the development of air and space law. Andrew G. Haley, Eilene M. Galloway, and Stephen Gorove pioneered space law, helping to develop theory, legislation, and institutions devoted to the field. The placement of their papers with the Center evidences a commitment and belief by the collections’ donors in the Center’s role within the profession and a desire to pass on the accumulated materials and knowledge to the future leaders of the field.  The Archive is housed in the University of Mississippi School of Law’s Robert C. Khayat Law Center. The new state-of-the-art facility allows researchers and students a designated space in which to work as well as a home for the collections of Andrew G. Haley, Eilene M. Galloway and Stephen Gorove.


Presently the Archive’s holdings total more than 60 linear feet, and we have plans to increase our physical holdings and online presence to assist the Center’s ongoing work as well as facilitate the research and institutional development of individuals interested in air and space law.


The Center serves as the repository for records related to the development of air and space law. The Archive’s primary task is to physically and intellectually organize space law records of enduring value.. It also aims to arrange, describe, and house the materials to increase institutional and public access, facilitate research, ensure long-term preservation, aid in exhibitions, and assist in academic and outreach programs for the University as well as national and international professional institutions and agencies. By documenting the history of the field of air and space law and securing and preserving primary and secondary source material, the Archive hopes to facilitate future generations’ interest in the role of air and space law in the history of American and international legal, intellectual, social, and cultural development.