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About Us

The University of Mississippi is the premier U.S. platform for Air and Space Law and has been a world leader in air and space law education, research and public service since 1965.  We are the only ABA accredited law school to offer an LL.M. in Air and Space Law and six different classes focused on space law.  Our space curriculum is complemented by an equally impressive roster of aviation law classes — all taught by expert academics and practitioners. All our core courses are taught by attorneys who are active members of US State bars and  licensed to practice law in the United States.


As the trusted source of advice for national and global decision makers on air and space law matters, the Center for Air and Space Law enjoys a long tradition of  excellence in global legal scholarship and practice in the fields of air law, drone law and space law. The Center is committed to nurturing the sustainable development and implementation of pioneering and practical legal solutions to present and future issues facing humanity on Earth, in the air and in space. 

This includes:


–  Developing the legal foundation to bridge humanity’s evolution from a terrestrial to a spacefaring species.

–  Developing and fostering the implementation of regulations and standards for advancing technologies and pioneering space activities.

–  Understanding and addressing cybersecurity issues in both aviation and space.

– Building a sustainable framework to support and enhance the development of drone capabilities. 

–  Promoting rule of law as a benefit for nation-states and their commercial actors operating in air and space domains.