Center for Air and Space Law | Journal of Space Law: Current Issue
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Journal of Space Law: Current Issue

The current issue of the Journal of Space Law is available for purchase.  Please email for more information.



Volume 41 – Summer 2017 – Number 1

Call for Papers

Sandeepa Bhat B. & Arthad Kurlekar – A Discourse on the Remodeling of ILA Model Law on National Space Legislation
Andrea J. Harrington – Legal and Regulatory Challenges to Leveraging Insurance for Commercial Space
S.G. Sreejith & Yugank Goyal – Institutional Cost of International Space Law
Student Article

Marshall D. McKellar – “It’s Dangerous Business…”: The Possible Effects of the Space Resource Exploration and Utilization Act of 2015 on Planetary Defense
Dorte Jessen – Modern Ethical Dilemmas Stemming from Private One-Way Colonisation of Outer Spaces

Haley Grantham, Nathaniel Celeski, Marshall D. McKellar – Roy Goode, Capetown Convention Commentaries
Andrea J. Harrington – Aviation & Space Law Bibliography