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News and Events

Recent News

Financial Times: What do we gain from going back to the Moon?

Professor Michelle Hanlon on NHK News

SpaceNews – The Stakes of Space Race 2.0 Could Not Be Higher

Drone Symposium at Ole Miss Mulls Challenges, Benefits of Unmanned Aircraft

Symposium Aims to Build Mississippi’s Future in Aerospace and Defense

Payload Space – Solid US Space Mining Regs Could Attract Investors, VC Predicts

Ars Technica – A Chunk of Metal that Tore through a Florida Home Definitely Came from the ISS

NPR – the Push to Get the Moon its Own Time Zone – Space Junk Crashes through Man’s House and Almost Hits His Son

Business Insider – Billionaires Going to Space Need Rules

Fox News – Space CSI Investigates Murder in MicroGravity – Artemis 2 Moon Astronauts Celebrate Engine Test for Future Lunar Missions

Russia’s Nuclear Activity Concerning, University of Mississippi Space Law Professor Says – Cooperation on the Moon – Are the Artemis Accords Enough?

MIT Technology Review – The First-Ever Mission to Pull a Dead Rocket Out of Space has Just Begun

Fox News – Spacecraft Lands on the Moon for the First Time Since 1972

Live Science – The Law is Way Behind the Times: Mining Asteroids and the Moon Remains a Huge Legal Gray Area

IFL Science – How to Create Your Own Space Civilization, According to a Space Lawyer

Houston Chronicle – The US is in a New Moon Race: the Winner will Set the Rules

Aerospace America – the “Wild West” of Space Research 

CNBC – Here’s Why the US, China, India, Japan and Others are Rushing Back to the Moon

T-Minus Space Daily – Nothing Runs Like a Deere on Starlink

Fox Business – Private US Moon Launch Has Technical Issues

Scientific American – Human Remains Are Headed to the Moon Despite Objections

NY Times – The First Secret Asteroid Won’t Be the Last

Oxford Eagle – UM Law Professor Calls for US to Invest in “New Space Race”

Ole Miss News – Professor to Co-Chair International Astronautics Committee

Houston Chronicle – White House Proposes Bill to Expand FAA Oversight of People on Commercial Spaceflight

NY Times – The Bodily Indignities of the Space Life

IFL Science – Can You Buy Real Estate on the Moon?

The Atlantic – You Won’t Hear Much About the Next Chapter of Space Travel

American Constitution Society – Episode 126: Why We Should All Be Space Lawyers

MIT Technology Review – Why the First-Ever Space Junk Fine is Such a Big Deal

Ole Miss News -Professor Hanlon Calls for Ethical Approach to Human Experiments in Space

WBUR On Point – Who Owns the Moon Owns the Future

Ole Miss News – Air and Space Law Professor Hosts United Nations Panel

NPR – The New Space Race is On and Everyone is Headed to the Moon

The Naked Scientists – Return to the Moon: Why Now?

World Radio – Reimagining the Space Race

What Does Space Resource Utilization Really Mean in Space Law? 

Rules of the Final Frontier: UM Students Ponder Space Law

What Goes Up Must Come Down: We Must Contend with Space Debris

We Have Questions: Can You Buy Real Estate on the Moon?

CBC’s About That: “From Submersibles to Space: Why is Extreme Tourism Allowed?

CBC’s About That with Andrew Chang: Space Sustainability 

Inside Edition: “Will Titan Sub Implosion Impact Space Tourism?

NPR WMFE: OceanGate disaster puts spotlight on high-risk tourism, including space

The Hill on NewsNation: Virgin Galactic Completes its First Commercial Space Flight

NY Times: The Space Industry is Taking Off. Space Law is Still a Mystery.

How Hainan is Parlaying Space Tourism into Populist Support

Juice Jiggle Frees the RIME

Did NASA Forget How to Put People on the Moon?

A US-China Battle on the Moon is Possible, and Avoidable

Lunar Laws Could Protect the Moon from Humanity

The Rules of Space Haven’t Been Updated in 50 Years, and the UN Says Its Time

Who Owns the Moon?

Russia’s Anti-Satellite Threat Tests Laws of War in Space

Space Law Society at Harvard Law School Hosts Panel on Ethics of Space Mining

Space Lawyers Advocate for Protecting Lunar Landmarks

Sovereignty in Space, No One Can Own It, which Drives Competition, Cooperation

Ole Miss: Forum Examines Issues of Race and Ethnicity

Grid: Where does space begin? Chinese spy balloon highlights legal fuzziness of ‘near space’

MBP Online, In Legal Terms: UAPs

Stellar Journeys, Episode 3: Life in Space

Who Cares What Happens to Bootprints on the Moon? (TEDx University of  Mississippi)

SpaceWatch Global: Confidential or Shared? The Discovery of Outer Space Resources by the Private Sector

Humans Want to Mine the Moon. Here’s What Space Law Experts Say the Rules Are

The Conversation: The Moon is About to Get Crowded. How Will Humans Manage Its Resources?

Moon Exploration Site Preservation Remains Uncertain

Fast Company: How Will the Moon’s Resources Be Managed?

What Happened to the Billionaire Space Race?

Bloomberg: China, US Are Racing to Make Billions From Mining the Moon’s Minerals

China Says Elon Musk’s Starlink is “Phenomenal,” but What is the Real Message?

It’s a New Space Age for Billionaires Like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk

Are We There Yet? The Space Exploration Podcast: Space Law – It’s Complicated

Space Law Hasn’t Been Changed Since 1967 – But the UN Aims to Update Laws and Keep Space Peaceful

In the Modern Moon Rush, a Cry to Preserve Neil Armstrong’s Footprint

It’s the Dawn of a New Space Age – At Least for Billionaires

A Rogue Rocket Part Collided With the Moon

Moon Dust from 1969 Landing Sells for Half a Million Dollars at Auction

Bloomberg Best: Space Tourism and Investing in Space

The Rules of Space Haven’t Been Updated in 50 Years, and the UN Says It’s Time

China Says Elon Musk’s Starlink is “Phenomenal”

The Briefing Room, Space Wars and Laws

As Outer Space Becomes More Accessible, Space Lawyers Will Be in Greater Demand

The Fault in Our Stars

How Star Trek is Influencing Real-Life Space Law

Did Lil Uzi Vert Buy a Planet? It’s Complicated

China Makes Sure Everyone Writes Taiwan’s Name Just So

President Signs Law Protecting Lunar Heritage Sites

NASA’s ‘One Small Step Act’ Names the Apollo Lander, Neil Armstrong’s Boot Print and Other Artifacts as ‘Keep Out Zones’ That Protects Them as Historical Sites on the Moon’s Surface

Center for Air and Space Law Forms Task Force on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Aerospace

Space Law and Why We Need It

The Wild, Wild West of Space Law

Perspective on US Space Resources Executive Order: Michelle Hanlon on How the Moon Agreement is Finished

Pushing the Outer Limits of Preservation with Michelle Hanlon

Hard Law or Soft Law: The Debate About the Future of Space Law

Fighting to Preserve Human History on the Moon

Alien Hunters Need Radio Silence on the Moon

Lawyer 2 Lawyer with Michelle Hanlon and Mark Sundahl

Someday, Someone Will Commit a Major Crime in Space

The First Alleged Crime Committed in Space Raises Questions About Jurisdiction in Orbit

“We Need that Boot Print.” Inside the Fight to Save the Moon’s Historic Sites Before it’s Too Late

Outer Space Treaties Didn’t Anticipate the Privatization of Space Travel Can They be Enforced?

The Nation Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

European Space Agency Chief Urges Humanity to Protect Apollo 11, Lunokhod 1 Landing Sites

Life After Launch: Inside the Massive Effort to Preserve NASA’s Space Artifacts

Apollo 11 Site Should be Granted Heritage Status

Space Law is Inadequate for the Boom in Human Activity There

What is the Apollo 11 Landing Site Like Now?

Preserving Apollo’s Historic Landing Sites on the Moon

Preserving Neil Armstrong’s Footprints on the Moon is an Easy Decision

Once Giant Leap for Preservation: Kent Wins Landmark Status for Boeing’s Moon Buggies

Have Space Fever? Here are Five Jobs That WIll Take You Closer to the Stars

America’s Greatest Space Landmarks Could be at Risk Due to a Lack of Space Law

Should Neil Armstrong’s Bootprints Be on the Moon Forever?

The Moon now has Hundreds of Artefacts – Should

Apollo 11 Brought a Message of Peace to the Moon

One Small Step: What Will the Moon Look Like in 50 Years?

Apollo Astronauts Left Trash, Mementos and Experiments on the Moon

Historic Preservation Taken Out of This World

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: Who Gets to Own Moon Landing Memorabilia

How a Park on the Moon Could Lead to More Consensus on Space Exploration,

Space Act Calls for Protection of Apollo 11 Landing Site

50 Yrs of Moon Landing: Let’s Not Forget, or Forsake, the Lessons of the Past

Why the Moon’s South Pole May be the Hottest Destination in Space

Professor Hanlon, Presentation to the UNCOPUOS on Challenges for the Implementation of the Moon Agreement

Professor Hanlon Addresses the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

UM Law Unveils New Air and Space Certificate Program for Non-Lawyer Professionals

Congressman Partners with University for Space Law Extern Program

Professor Hanlon interviewed: How to Build a Museum in Outer Space

UM Law Student Awarded Grant for International Law Weekend

In Legal Terms: Space Law 2018

Rocket Scientist, Entrepreneur Speaks at UM Law School

The UM School of Law Announces New Air and Space Law Directors